17 Aug 2011

So yeah, it gets under my skin a bit when people take the easy road and knock this town. (Some of it is self-inflicted, I think, by something as innocent as the highway system: Because Highway 82 takes most folks in and out of here, and because you don’t see any of the town on your way in and out of the stadium, it’s easy to think that one gas station and car dealer out east of town is the entirety of the city. It’s not, of course.) Starkville has some fantastic places to eat — went to City Bagel Cafe and Restaurant Tyler already today. (Ty Thames can chef it up with the best Mississippi has to offer, including John Currence in Oxford.) Starkville has some of the nicest folks you’ll ever want to meet. Starkville doesn’t have a hang-your-hat tourist destination or draw, but it has plenty of good old simple, Southern, small-town charm. And I like that.

Kyle Veazey, Sports enterprise reporter at The Commercial Appeal and former Mississippi State beat reporter for The Clarion Ledger.